You will need your activation key to be able to complete the installation process for Cloud-SDR SDRNode streaming server.

Configuration file

SDRNode configuration file is located in the conf subfolder of your installation path.

A typical configuration file looks as follows:


The different sections of the configuratin file are described below:

section [http_server]

This section configures the web server embedded in SDRNode.

Key Example Used for
port port=8001 Defines the TCP port used by the SDRNode server. Default value is 8001

section [position]

This section where the SDRNode server is located. This position is used to show the server on the map, and can also be used to search for a specific server when using a set of servers.

Key Example Used for
m_Lon m_Lon=1.81002 Defines the longitude of the server position, in degrees
m_Lat m_Lat=48.58617 Defines the latitude of the server position, in degrees

This value can be changed at any time using a script, see this section of the wiki

section [license]

This section defines what your installed SDRNode can do. In particular, it defines the spectrum portions you can access and what you can do within each sections. For example, some spectrum sections are not authorized for raw IQ streaming, but only for simple power measurements. This is defined in the 'enabled' section.

Key Example Used for
license_key license_key=SDR5a78028755430 your id
enabled enabled=5…………..I6FM4_ Defines your active modules, spectrum restrictions, license type, expiration date